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Local Government Law

Government, particularly local government, can be a force for good in people’s lives. Municipal attorneys play an important role in helping  the hopes and dreams of a community come to fruition. HOK Law is excited to help units of local government, including ORS 190's, meet their legal obligations along with their goals.

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Nonprofit Law

Nonprofits in Oregon are organized  under Oregon Revised Statute Chapter 65, the Oregon Nonprofit Act. The Oregon Nonprofit Act was substantially amended through an omnibus modernization bill that largely took effect in January 2020. Many Oregon nonprofits have not updated their bylaws to provide for newly permitted email voting. HOK Law is here to empower your nonprofit to succeed for years to come.

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Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

Estate planning is personal. Whether you are getting your affairs in order for the first time, or having previously prepared documents updated, you want an attorney who will work closely with you to make sure your wishes are fulfilled, while navigating potential estate taxes and the probate process on your behalf.

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Healthcare Law

Henry has vast experience practicing in the healthcare regulatory space. Federal privacy laws surrounding Protected Health Information and Alcohol and Drug Treatment information can make it seem like information sharing is impossible. In many cases, provided you have a clear, lawful goal for the information, your goal will be achievable.

Business Transactions

Contracts are the lifeblood of your small or mid-sized business. Drafting, reviewing, amending, and negotiating contracts can really bog your small or mid-sized business down, especially if you do not have an experienced attorney on your side. Henry specializes in tailoring the contracts he drafts to meet your specific needs, and ensures that the terms remain fair to you in the contracts he reviews and negotiates on your behalf.

General Counsel Services

Small and mid-sized businesses often operate without the benefit of a General Counsel, even if they happen to employ attorneys. Moreover, attorneys working at small and mid-sized businesses are often stretched thin by putting out the day-to-day fires,  and therefore benefit from occasionally associating with attorneys who can more easily provide a global perspective on particularly sensitive or important legal matters. HOK Law is eager to broaden the size or legal knowledge of your small or mid-sized business’ legal department, or to serve as outside general counsel to small or mid-sized businesses that do not employ attorneys.

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